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Get Control,
Over Energy Cost.

Our service is really ease of use, efficient,reliable and we like to keep it that way. Providing energy that reduce inhouse gas with miniminal damage to our ecoWorld. Using our intelligent Quote to gauge your usage of energy either in the house, or business.

Millions of homes and businesses in Africa suffer from erratic power supply and rely on expensive, noisy polluting generators to meet their energy needs…. Read more


Our Vision

We will deliver affordable 24-hours power to 3000 Nigerian households and businesses by 2025.

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Our Process

You will get instant quote using the e-form, the outcome of the algorithm should display on the page, then two forms available order and contact forms..

Use the solar Calculator
or send your request
We review and
send appropriate quote
DO your KYC
and get verified
Evaluation and
project handover

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